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Mass Manufacturing


Inventory to Turnover Ratio
Schedule vs Supply Performance
Production Efficiency

In these competitive times it is required to introduce new products and new models faster than it was required sometime back. It is also required to give top notch quality without increasing the costs.

The input costs keep increasing day by day. Raw material, labour, fuel and factory space have all sky rocketted. Some people have tried to move out of cities to bring down the overheads but lack of skilled man-power and power supply are a big issue in that case.

The only way to stay afloat and ring in profits is to have system based approach. And the best way to implement systems is to have ROBUST ERP.

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ERP for
Made to Order Manufacturing


Timely Delivery/Execution
Visibility of WO Execution Status
Planned vs Actual Profit

Without a proper system it becomes a daunting task to get the "Status of Execution" of a given Work Order. Most often 90% of components are ready and the delivery is held up due to 1 or 2 components. It is also a challenge to find out the material required to be bought, in order to execute a set of orders.

Most companies depend on spreadsheets like Excel to calculate the material requirement and maintain the component level availability status. But spreadsheets have their known limitations.

A well designed ERP system thus becomes a necessity. But most ERP are either too complex and expensive or not up to the mark.

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Custom Made ERP
Tailored to your need

System Needs:

Simple Navigation
Process Driven Approach
Decision Support System

Sometimes your processes are such that it is hard to find a ready made software. But the business challenges demand a system that will bring in automation, accountability, reliability, speed, transparency and control over the operations

Most companies try their hand at custom made software but after spending a lot of time and money the system is not as per expectations. The main cause of failure is the lack of experience in building such systems.

We have the right experience to design, develop and implement such software. We are also guided by our expert consultants whenever the need arises.

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Where do you stand today?
Are you a Beginner, a Struggler or a Maximiser

ERP for

If you are still using a basic accounting package and free style speadsheets to manage your operations, you are a beginner.

Most companies want a good ERP system but do not know how to go about. Some also fear that, it could mess up the whole operations if not implemented correctly. But as the company grows it becomes more and more necessary to have a good ERP. Sometime the complexity of the requirement is such that it is difficult to find a able software vendor who would understand the crux and build the system for you.

We have helped many such companies to successfully design, develop and implement ERP solution.

Give us a call and we can meet to discuss your needs and how the ERP can be successfully implemented.

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ERP for

Most of the companies have tried to implement some sort of software system. Some modify their accounting packages and some buy an off-the-shelf multi-featured ERP. Some others even venture to get an ERP specially developed for them. Unfortunately most fail to get beyond basic document generation and printing.

Only experience can bring success. It is not just about the brand of the ERP but it is about correctly understanding your business needs and designing, developing and configuring the system. Without a confident guide, people drive at will and end up messing up their ERP

If you need such professional help do call us. Our senior experienced project managers will meet you, understand your needs and guide you appropriately.

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ERP for

If you have tasted the fruits of a successful ERP implementation, you will be wanting to know what more can be achieved from a Good ERP system.

We can assess your system and find-out what more can be done. We can redesign processes if required, develop management information systems and audit your systems to check how healthy they are.

For more details contact us and we will come and share our approach with you.


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